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Currently, when people ask "what I do" I talk about these 4 things...

  1. Writing new blogs and promoting my book—Not That Anyone Asked
    (Currently open to new copywriting opportunities. Reach out if you're interested in my wordsmith services.)

  2. Working on community land development projects where I live on the Oaxacan coast—one in La Punta Zicatela and one in El Puertecito. 

  3. Playing music and hosting/organizing local events in La Punta Zicatela—including Open Mic Night at Punta Origen every Thursday from 8-11! 

  4. Helping to organize sustainability projects in Puerto Escondido! Learn more about the situation we (and many other coastal communities) are in here!


I am 

  • I am a brother and a son.

  • I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

  • I am a straight, white, middle-class man with all of the related privileges.

  • I am a traveler and constantly seeking the new. 

  • I am extremely competitive and thankfully coordinated. 

  • I am a “try hard” and a people pleaser.

  • I am “results-oriented” and restless with a new idea.

  • I am a musician who is good at most instruments and amazing at none.

  • I am an extrovert who craves connection and doesn’t shy away from attention.

  • I am extremely present, and I value each hour of the day. 

Excerpt from Ch. 17.iii | Gili Meno Eco Hostel

"I was doing some writing while on the island and published my first article to the BuzzFeed community page, which earned a great reception. It got passed around the internet a bit, and it was the first thing I created in a while that gave me a sense of pride.

Maybe I could write about my travels … like a blog or a book or something, I thought to myself. Then I filed that thought away next to this idea for a rom-com movie script I’ve always had (read: still have) and the prospect of opening my own hostel someday, which I still hope to do."


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