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I am 

  • I am a brother and a son.

  • I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

  • I am a straight, white, middle-class man with all of the related privileges.

  • I am a traveler and constantly seeking the new. 

  • I am extremely competitive and thankfully coordinated. 

  • I am a “try hard” and a people pleaser.

  • I am “results-oriented” and restless with a new idea.

  • I am a musician who is good at most instruments and amazing at none.

  • I am an extrovert who craves connection and doesn’t shy away from attention.

  • I am extremely present, and I value each hour of the day. 

Excerpt from Ch. 17.iii | Gili Meno Eco Hostel

"I was doing some writing while on the island and published my first article to the BuzzFeed community page, which earned a great reception. It got passed around the internet a bit, and it was the first thing I created in a while that gave me a sense of pride.

Maybe I could write about my travels … like a blog or a book or something, I thought to myself. Then I filed that thought away next to this idea for a rom-com movie script I’ve always had (read: still have) and the prospect of opening my own hostel someday, which I still hope to do."


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